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Ornamental Stones he has on hand due to a lot of trade with Mara.

5 Chests worth of assorted gemstones, as stated below.

Azurite: Opaque, mottled deep blue
Banded Agate: Brown, blue, red, and white stripes
Blue Quartz: Transparent pale blue
Eye Agate: Gray, white, brown, blue, and green circles
Hematite: Gray-black
Lapis Lazuli: Light or dark blue with yellow flecks
Malachite: Striated light and dark green
Moss Agate: Pink, yellow-white with gray-green moss-like markings
Obsidian: Jet black
Rhodochrosite: Light pink
Tiger Eye Agate: Rich golden brown with dark striping
Turquoise: Aqua with darker mottling
Bloodstone: Dark gray with red flecks
Carnelian: Orange to red-brown
Chalcedony: White
Chrysoprase: Translucent apple to emerald green
Citrine: Pale yellow brown
Jasper: Blue, black to brown
Moonstone: White with pale blue hue
Onyx: Black, white, or bands of both
Rock Crystal: Clear, transparent
Sardonyx: Bands of red and white
Smoky Quartz: light gray, yellow, brown or blue
Star Rose Quartz: Smoky rose with white star center
Zircon: Clear pale aqua
Amber: Transparent golden
Alexandrite: Dark green
Amethyst: Purple crystal
Aquamarine: pale blue green
Chrysoberyl: green or yellow green
Coral: Pink to crimson
Garnet: Deep red to violet crystal
Jade: Light to dark green or white
Jet: Deep black
Pearl: Pure white, rose, to black
Peridot: Olive green
Spinel: Red, red-brown, green, or deep blue
Topaz: Golden yellow
Tourmaline: Pale green, blue, brown, or red
Black Opal: Dark green with black mottling and golden flecks
Black Sapphire: Rich black with highlights
Diamond: Clear blue-white, rich blue, yellow, or pink
Emerald: Brilliant green
Fire Opal: Fiery red
Jacinth: Fiery orange
Opal: Pale blue with green and gold mottling
Oriental Amethyst: Deep purple
Oriental Emerald: Bright green
Oriental Topaz: Fiery yellow
Ruby: Clear to deep crimson red
Sapphire: Clear to medium blue
Star Ruby: Translucent ruby with white star highlights
Star Sapphire: Translucent blue with white star highlights

Converted into Faerun coinage:
(which is what he generally asks the Bar to convert it into)

GP is a Faerun gold coin, which essentially is close to half an ounce of gold.
A GP is worth 10 SP or silver coins and a SP is worth 10 CP, which is copper coins.

Amber: (100 gp)
Alexandrite: (100 gp)
Amethyst: (100 gp)
Aquamarine: (500 gp)
Chrysoberyl: (100 gp)
Coral: (100 gp)
Garnet: (100-500 gp)
Jade: (100 gp)
Jet: (100 gp)
Pearl: (100-500 gp)
Peridot: (500 gp)
Spinel: (100-500 gp)
Topaz: (500 gp)
Tourmaline: (100 gp)
Black Opal: (1,000 gp)
Black Sapphire: (5,000 gp)
Diamond: (5,000 gp)
Emerald: (5,000 gp)
Fire Opal: (1,000 gp)
Jacinth: (5,000 gp)
Opal: (1,000 gp)
Oriental Amethyst: (1,000 gp)
Oriental Emerald: (5,000 gp)
Oriental Topaz: (1,000 gp)
Ruby: (5,000 gp)
Sapphire: (1,000 gp)
Star Ruby: (5,000 gp)
Star Sapphire: (5,000 gp)

Converted into Thedas Coinage:
A Thedas Gold Coin is a Sovereign. It is 1 ounce of pure gold, and thus twice as heavy as a thinner, but wider-radius'd Faerun coin. It is worth 100 silver pieces, and a silver piece on Thedas is thus worth 100 copper pieces.

Diamond : Flawed (75 silvers), Flawless (8 sovereigns)
Ruby : Flawed (2 sovereigns and 40 silvers),Flawless (6 sovereigns)
Emerald: Flawless (4 sovereigns), Flawed (2 sovereigns)
Sapphire : (1 sovereign and 20 silvers)
Topaz : (1 sovereign)
Amethyst : (20 silvers)
Malachite : (60 silvers)
Fluorspar : (50 silvers)
Garnet : (60 silvers)
Quartz : (8 silvers)
Greenstone : (4 silvers)

Converted into Earth Currencies:

In general, Zak prefers to convert his gemstones into coinage from Faerun, and then simply convert that into Dollars.

A 1 ounce gold coin would be worth $1,100 based on gold weight alone; thus every two Faerun coins can be converted into $1,100.

Kelewan Currency:

Tentatively, Zak's coins can be worth close to a million centis.
I say tentatively, because the Tsurani view on metal is simple.

All metal is precious.

A centi is a seashell which is used in Kelewan as coinage equivalent to the copper pieces of Faerun in their system of currency.

In Kelewan, among Tsurani, Gold, silver, copper and all other coins or forms of metal are worth fortunes. An iron dagger, not very large either... is a nobleman's ransom; or a fortune should he find one.

Even scrap metal is worth quite a lot in terms of the Kelewan currency, which is essentially based on seashells, with crystals and gems as larger units of currency.
Metal is right on the top of the totem pole, with scraps, then brass, iron, steel or other non-precious metals at the bottom, and copper as a 'mid-rank', silver as 'high' and gold as 'the color belonging to the Emperor' and used to be tradeable for estates or chances to claim noble rewards.. in terms of land. Or noble daughters.


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